Nov 27, 2010

Poetry, Ukulele and Beyond

I'm taking a creative writing course this semester, and have been asked to write poems for an anthology our department is going to publish next year (I also did the poster for the anthology, which you should find in some bookstores/cafes in Stockholm and in Stockholm University).
Poetry hasn't been my favorite medium of expression - I always prefer stories and visual art, and when I started to write I realized that almost all of my poems are about music, or are inspired by songs.
However, I never mastered any musical instruments. So I bought a ukulele last week, and have been playing/practicing ever since. For now I'm making a lot of noises, but I've never felt so close to... music.

(This stamp is not for sale, but do let me know if you want a similar stamp with you and a musical instrument 'cause I would love to make one for you.)


  1. That stamp looks absolutely amazing, I know I've said that before - but the details! How on earth? Looks perfect and what a fun stamp also!

  2. Wow, some day you have to make me with my accordion...

  3. I love accordions! I had a huge crush when I was in kindergarden with a little boy who played it lol...

  4. You seem to be very skilful! what material do you use for Rubberstamp carving? Is it something that can be bought in Sweden??
    I think carving erasers is lots of fun even though they are so small.

  5. Thank you:) I use rubber blocks that are specially made for carving, they are much smoother and easier to work with. Unfortunately they're not available in Sweden, not in Stockholm at least. I get most of mine from China, Japan and the States.