Sep 20, 2015

Two Interviews this Month

Two of my recent interviews are published this month - one in Swedish and one in English.

Happy face :3
For the first one, I was chosen to be Lidingö's Start-up of the Month by Nyföretagarcentrum.

(Lidingö is the island in Stockholm archipelago where I live and work. The Swedish Jobs and Society Foundation is forcefully supporting entrepreneurship in Sweden through professional start-up advice for people who want to start a business; they do this through Nyföretagarcentrum - Enterprise Agencies that cover most parts of Sweden.)

Lidingö's Nyföretagarcentrum have helped me a lot before and after I started my freelance business as printmaker and graphic designer. It's great to have somewhere one can go with all their business-related questions and get professional help, and it feels totally awesome to be recognized as a member of the community.

Here's the interview in Swedish.

If you don't speak Swedish, you could still check out the second interview in the latest issue of Nordic Living magazine. I talk about when I started the business, my work process and exciting stuff happening in the near future.

Maria over at Nordic Design Collective is responsible for this well-curated magazine that introduces independent designers in Sweden.

Here's the magazine!
I'm still preparing my next two-color reduction print that features Stockholm buildings and a little something extra. Start carving tomorrow - we'll see how long this one takes :)


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